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General Conduct Policies

Basic overnight sleeping guidelines: 

  • Boys and girls must be assigned separate rooms. 
  • Chaperones must be in rooms separate from the youth.
  • Parents and children may share a room.  No other combination of relatives is allowed (e.g., uncle/nephew; grandma/granddaughter, etc.).
  • No unrelated minor may share a room with an adult.
  • High school seniors who are 18 may share a room with their peers, however, this exception ends with graduation. 
  • Chaperones should monitor rooms until everyone is asleep.  Supervision may be necessary throughout the night. 

Chaperone ratios:

  • The ratio for chaperones to children is 1:10 for day trips and 1:7 for activities lasting more than 12 hours. 
  • Two or more adults must be present for events involving children.
  • Chaperones must be 21 or older.

Vehicle Use Policies

Volunteer Drivers
A volunteer driver is an individual that uses his/her personally owned vehicle for parish or school business. The diocese has the following recommendations for the use of volunteer drivers:

  • Reduce the use of all vehicles to the absolute minimum.  Necessity should be the watchword.
  • Drivers should be over 21 years of age.  Age and health as well as physical and mental condition should be considered.
  • Drivers must have a valid driver’s license.  A copy of each driver’s license should be kept on file.
  • The driver must carry liability insurance as required by state law. This is a key element since the insurance carried by the driver will be used before the diocesan insurance comes into play.  A copy of the current declaration should be kept on file.
  • Each occupant must have and use a seat belt.
  • No one may ride in the bed of pick-up trucks.
  • The use of 15 passenger vans is prohibited.

Restricted Activities

The Diocesan Insurance Program and our excess insurance carriers specifically exclude from coverage the sale (includes raffles, auctions, and drawings), use, and/or storage  on parish and/or school premise of the following items:

    • All Fireworks and Other Explosive Devices
    • Floating Chinese Sky Lanterns
    • Firearms and Guns, including rifles, shot guns, and hand guns **

** Note: Diocesan policy does allow a priest to keep his personal firearms and guns in the rectory.

Bouncy Houses: All contracts or agreements for the rental of inflatable amusements for parish/school events must be reviewed by the Diocesan Insurance Office.  The diocesan attorneys have special wording which must be agreed to by the rental company prior to the signing of the contract to protect the parish/school and Diocese in the case of an injury.  Send all contracts to Monica Adams for the required wording.

Virtually any activity has the potential to cause an injury. However certain activities are so inherently dangerous that we prohibit our parishes and schools from sponsoring or participating in them.  They include but are not limited to:

  • Bungee jumping
  • Rodeos
  • Parasailing
  • High Diving Board
  • Scuba diving
  • Skydiving
  • Spelunking
  • Auto, boat, motorcycle or similar racing or speed contests.