National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) is a conference for high schoolers happening every other year on the odd years. Our next conference will be in 2019.

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NCYC 2019 FAQs

1. What is NCYC? What Happens?

The National Catholic Youth Conference is a powerful, biennial, three-day experience of prayer, community, and empowerment for Catholic teenagers (of high school age) and their adult chaperones. More than 23,000 young people and their chaperones attended 2015 NCYC in Indianapolis. The program includes keynote presentations, prayer, workshops, Mass, and opportunities to participate in reconciliation and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, as well as recreational activities, concerts, and exhibits. A key component of NCYC is the thematic park which is a blend of traditional exhibit booths with interactive areas featuring service projects, games, recreation, live musical performances, arts, and sports. 

2. Trip at a Glance

Conference Theme: Blessed, Broken, Given / Bendito, Partido, Entregado
Conference dates: November 21-23, 2019
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Hotel: Courtyard Marriott Downtown (breakfast is NOT included at this hotel)
Cost: Please see “Registration Details” page for more information.

2. Who Can Go to NCYC 2019? 

Youth:  Any young person who is in grade 9-12 in the 2019-2020 school year may attend NCYC.  Participants may not go individually, they must register through a parish delegation with a group leader who can be either paid or volunteer.  This ensures that leaders know who is going from their parish and that proper leadership and supervision are given.  If you decide to lead a group, please check with surrounding parishes where groups are not being organized to see if other youth wish to attend.  

Chaperones:  Chaperones must be 21 years or older. NFCYM requires that there be 2 chaperones for the first 1 to 10 young people. Another adult is required for each 1 to 6 additional youth. For example, this means that a group of 8 youth must be chaperoned by 2 adults, 12 youth by 3 adults, and 17 youth by 4 adults.

Young Adult Assistants:  Young Adult Assistants (YAAs), those age 18-20 and finished with high school, are able to attend NCYC.  Some things to consider: 

  • There cannot be more YAAs than chaperones in any group
  • YAAs are present to “shadow” a chaperone and assist when necessary
  • YAAs cannot stay in youth rooms

3. How will we get there? 

Transportation will be determined by you as the Group Leader.  If you are interested in traveling on the diocesan bus, you will mark that on your registration form. The cost is $90/person. You may choose to travel on the buses or arrange your own transportation (vans, planes, etc.) If you decide to rent cars or vans, please check the diocesan policy!

5. Can my youth volunteer at NCYC?

Absolutely – NFCYM says we will need over 1,000 volunteers to put on this event.  There are two ways youth can get involved. Information about both will come out at a later date.

Youth Animator
Animators take lead roles in general session programming at NCYC as prayer leaders.  These are the youth you see on stage leading prayer and worship during the conference. 

Youth Ambassador
Ambassadors assist at the conference in many ways including introducing speakers and helping with break-out sessions. 

6. How do I register a group? 

Every parish group needs to have a group leader who will be the contact person between the group and the diocese.  This person may be paid or volunteer.  The Group Leader should be the spiritual and organizational head of the group.  This includes not only collecting forms, payments, etc. but also – and more importantly – ensuring that both youth and adults are spiritually prepared through prayer, worship, community and service.

If you know youth at a parish are interested in attending but there are no adults who are able or comfortable in planning the event, contact Katie Daughtrey.  She will work to put your parish in touch with a parish near you who is planning on taking a team.  We want as many youth to attend as possible.

Here are some important things to know before you begin to tackle the forms: 

  1. Know who is going from your parish
  • If the person is a chaperone, make sure that he/she has completed a VIRTUS certification training.  Dates and locations of VIRTUS courses can be found at  They must also have a clear background check (done by your parish) and have signed the Ethics and Integrity in Ministry (EIM).
  1. Think about the logistics of your trip, fundraising, transportation, etc…
  2. See the “Registration Details and Deadlines” page for information on how to register your group and the forms required.

7. How do I find more information?

To see everything in the official NCYC promo packet, go to: 

If you have any questions about NCYC 2019, please contact a member of the planning team.
Katie Daughtrey         Registration Coordinator
Michael Nations         Director, Office of Youth Ministry



Registration Details and Deadlines

Registration is a multi-stage process.

Step 1: Group Registration. Click the link above to fill out the group registration form. If you need to update this form, please contact Katie at This form needs to be completed by September 5, 2019 (There are discounts if you fill it out early! See the Early Bird Registration below for details)

Step 2: Individual Registration – Send your youth and adult participants to our website to fill out the online registration – This form must be filled out by your participants / their parents. This form must be completed by September 5, 2019. You will receive a copy of the information submitted when anyone selects your parish.

Step 3: Liability Waivers. These will be available for download August 2019 (due to legalities, NFCYM is not giving us the form until then) and are due to the youth office by October 18, 2019. This form does not need to be notarized.


Registration Options

Early Bird Registration

  • Timeline: May 1 – May 27
  • What’s Due: Group Registration, $100/person deposit
  • Total cost per person: $245
  • The total amount due is non-refundable and non-transferable to your balance. For example, If you register for 20 spots but only have 10 attend, you will not be refunded the $2,450 for those 10 unused spots. 
  • You may add more to your group after the May 27 deadline. For example, if you register for 10 spots by May 27 and add 10 more during the regular registration period, the cost would be $2,450 for the first 10 spots and $2,650 for the added 10 spots. 
  • Positives: Cheaper cost (chances of getting your cost below $500/person)
  • Negatives: Risk of losing money if you register for more spots than you have registrants.

Regular Registration

  • Timeline: May 28 – September 5
  • What’s Due: Group Registration, Individual Registrations, Full amount Due
  • Total cost per person: $265

Late Registration

  • Timeline: September 6 – October 3
  • What’s Due: Group Registration, Individual Registrations, Full amount due.
  • Total cost per person: $285
  • Substitutions allowed at $20 each.
  • Cancellations of regular registrations allowed – you will be refunded all minus a $40 fee.

Additional Costs

  • Hotel: $615 per hotel room (exact amount TBA). Staying at the hotel is a required part of the conference. Maximum number of 4 people per room.
  • Bus: About $90/person. Not required, but we offer as an option to save you the effort of planning transportation. 


Important Dates

May (exact date TBA) – Scholarship applications due (both CYFUSA and Diocesan)

May 1 – May 27 – Early Bird Registration ($245 / person)
Group Registration Due
$100 / person deposit due

May 28 – September 5 – Regular Registration ($265 / person)
Group Registration Due
Individual Registration Due
Full amount due

September 6 – October 3 – Late Registration ($285 / person)
Group Registration Due
Individual Registration Due
Full Amount Due
          Substitutions – $20/person fee due (no exceptions), All forms and payments due.
          Cancellations  For Regular registrations – you will be refunded the amount given minus a $40 fee

Around October – Ambassador applications due 

October 3
Rooming List Due –
Virtus records due (if someone is not Virtus certified by this date, they cannot attend)
Last day for cancellations

October 18
Liability Waivers Due – Click below to download



Click here for the link to send to your parents and youth!