“Chastity can only be thought of in association with the virtue of love.”
– Pope John Paul II




  • “Within the pages of pureloveclub.com, you are going to find blunt, honest, and uplifting reasons for why you’re worth waiting for. No fear tactics. No guilt trips. Just the demands of authentic human love.”
  • Website on chastity, with saint examples, quotes, Q&A, research on litanies, media, birth control, Church documents and sexual ethics.


  • True Love Waits® is one of several approaches to challenging teenagers and college students to make a commitment to sexual abstinence until marriage.


  • “An initiative aimed at fostering the virtue of chastity by building awareness of the effects of pornography in society, offering support and healing for those harmed by it, and education Catholics on what they can do to protect their families from its influence.”


  • Great site with good information on purity and anti-pornography. Contains true story of a man who repented after many years of pornography addiction. Promotes good and true manhood through virtues, purity and chastity.



Theology of the Body for Teens by Jason and Crystalina Evert, and Brian Butler.

  • Using a great mix of stories, real-life examples, activities, prayers and references to the culture that teen’s understand, this program takes the two hottest topics – God and sex – and “marries” them through Pope John Paul II’s compelling version of love and life.
  • The Theology of the Body for Teens program is divided into 12 unique segments that reflect the pedagogical approach of JPII’s teaching. The Theology of the Body for Teens program has been designed specifically as a catechetical program which fits perfectly into Catholic schools, CCD, youth ministry, and home schooling settings.
  • Each lesson can take anywhere from 60-120 minutes to complete, depending on the needs of the group. Each segment includes “core” lessons and optional sections. The teacher or group leader can choose which optional sections to include, as desired.


Theology of the Body for Beginners by Christopher West

  • With clarity and precision, Christopher West unpacks John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, translating it into a language everyone can understand. Theology of the Body for Beginners explores the profound interconnections between sex and the deepest questions of human existence.

We’re on a Mission from God by Mary Beth Bonacci

  • In this book, Mary Beth Bonacci joins JPII in bringing young Catholics a clearer understanding of the Church and their role in it. She takes his quotes from the five World Youth Day events and “unpacks” them, explaining the truths of the faith clearly and concisely. This book is perfect of the Catholics of “Generation X” – and for Catholic “youth’ of any age who wish to understand and to deepen their faith.

If You Really Loved Me by Jason Evert

  • These days, virgins may be embarrassed by their lack of “experience” while non-virgins may feel that it’s too late for them. Men and women of all ages feel compelled to “take their relationships to the next level” – meaning they think it’s time to have sex, not to try on wedding rings. Chastity author and speaker Jason Evert addresses these issues, and dozens more. Teens will find this book a useful guide to starting a relationship, deciding one’s vocation, one day finding a potential spouse, and maintaining purity – without forsaking love. This book will give parents and educators new insights to help teens know the difference between love and lust. They may even look at their own lives differently, because as Evert explains, chastity is not only for singles; married couples must practice this virtue as well. “If You Really Loved Me” gives readers straight answers to tough questions.

A Case for Chastity by Heather Gallagher, Peter Vlahutin

  • In twenty-six short chapters, packed with real-life stories as evidence, Gallagher and Vlahutin lay a convincing case for the reasons why chastity not only makes sense in today’s culture, but more importantly how it provides the love and freedom many youth are seeking. Teens and young adults are immediately engaged through their straight-forward approach which covers such topics as: why choose chastity?, how far is too far?, pornography, questioning the Church, starting over, cohabitation, practical tips for living chastely and much more. Gallagher and Vlahutin’s backgrounds in youth ministry and in education, their experience of talking with thousands of teenagers, and their ability to present both a male and female as well as single and married perspective strengthen this book’s appeal to a variety of audiences.

Pure Love by Jason Evert

  • Have you ever asked yourself. . . -Why should I wait for marriage? -How far is too far? -Isn’t everyone else doing it? -Aren’t I being good as long as I don’t have sex? -Will chastity take away my freedom? -Who does it hurt? -What if we really love each other? -What about pornography? -How do I say “no”? -Can I have romance without regret? -What about safe sex? -What if I’m not a virgin anymore? -How do I find healing? If so, then search no more. The answers are inside this booklet.

Love and Responsibility by Karol Wojtyla, H.T. Willetts

  • Drawing from his own pastoral experience as a priest and bishop before he became Pope John Paul II, Karol Wojtyla has produced a remarkably eloquent and resourceful defense of Catholic tradition in the sphere of family life and sexual morality. He writes in the conviction that science–biology, psychology, sociology–can provide valuable information on particular aspects of relations between the sexes, but that a full understanding can be obtained only by study of the human person as a whole. Central to his argument is the contrast between the personalistic and the utilitarian views of marriage and of sexual relations. Pope John Paul II provides a beautiful book, however it would be a difficult read for those not used to the terminology and depth. Recommended use for those in high school.



Parents of Teens

  • Jason Evert and Ellen Marie provide invaluable and practical guidance for parents on how to help their children through the trying teen years. They show why many teens feel pressured to become sexually active and how parents can help them remain chaste or return to a lifestyle of chastity.
  • Jason and Ellen emphasize the importance of mothers and fathers vigorously passing on their values to teenagers. They guide parent through the critical area of helping their teenagers grasp the fact that actions have consequences. They point the way for teens to learn how to remove themselves from problem situations by knowing in advance how they will respond.
  • The program provides six practical steps to follow that will strengthen parent/teen relationships and help protect young people during the turbulent teen years
  • 87 Minutes/Color.

Romance Without Regret

  • Hundreds of students hear Jason and Crystalina Evert speak powerfully about chastity – sometimes with humor, other times bluntly, always with a reverent approach. Their wise words are coupled with their own powerful testimonies that have inspired teens throughout the world. Whether you are in a relationship, looking for love, or just trying to understand God’s plan for properly using the gift of sexuality he has given you, this DVD will hand you the tools you need in order to know the difference between love and lust.
  • You can purchase at www.pureloveclub.com

Traffic Control

  • The People’s War on Internet Porn
  • A documentary that follows a new piece of legislation on its way to Capital Hill. Parents are asking for “adult material” to be put on a different port on the internet so they can restrict their children from watching it. Result: debate between parents, pornographers, doctors, technologists, addicts, business owners and children. The Political Voice is missing.
  • Intertwined within the debate are the heartbreaking and heartwarming stories of two unlikely heroes: ex-porn stars. Theirs is not a tale of “Rags to Riches” but rather of rock bottom to redemption.
  • Focuses on the relationship between children and porn, but not adults. This video is meant to be a catalyst for political action and gives great instruction on how to get involved in the political realm when dealing with pornography.
  • 100 minutes long, distributed by Lake of Fire Productions.

Real Love: The Video Series by Mary Beth Bonacci

  • Nine 25-minute videos — with titles like “Freedom to Dump Losers” and “Love Means Never Having To Say I’m Sorry I Messed Up Your Life” — cover every aspect of love, chastity and healthy dating that teens need to hear about. Shot in a relaxed, “MTV Unplugged”-style setting, these videos show Mary Beth at her best — sharing, laughing and interacting with teens. That same trademark combination of humor and practical wisdom she has shared with audiences around the world is captured here to help your teens to date smart and to live real love in the modern world.


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